Ella Chung: Creative Technologist, Designer

2345 VR Game Escape Experience



A VR Game experience for you
to explore the space ship and try to figure out WHO YOU ARE!

Interactive VR Experience / Unreal Engine / Kinect / Depth Kit

You wake up in a space capsule, remember nothing.


Character wake up from a spaceship, and not able to remember what had happened before. In the spaceship, he was trying to find clues and objects to retrieve his memories.

Human Archive

Tell the story about human history since AD 2250.

Time: AD 2345


AD 2250 Earth is not livable anymore. 70% of the human beings escape to 3 huge space bases and start their drift.

AD 2250-2320 People (Mostly scientists)  on the earth stay in touch with the 3 space bases.

AD 2320 People in the space lose signal from Earth. This planet is considered to be totally destroyed.

AD 2320-2345 Both space bases are crushed and destroyed by meteor.

AD 2345 The only left space base is crushed by meteor.


Working process

We have created base timeline for creating the interactions and the objects that would connect to the storyline and clues of users’s finding out their identity in the game, by using blueprints and interactions with action boxes.

Encountering difficulties

  • Mirroring problem

  • Grab trigger for depth kit video

  • Letter picking up and reading (user interface)

  • VR Body

  • Putting tape into another object


  • The VR IK Body is still under development, and we have tried different solutions, but it doesn’t seem to work well in Unreal yet. We have successfully solved the other problems.

  • We solved the events of grabbing the photo and release will trigger to depth kit video to show by using blueprints.

  • We wanted to show the letter in more details, so when we placed the letter in front of user interface whenever the user triggers the letter.

  • For inserting the tape in the television, I solved it by creating animations and delay the activation of the movie on the television.


@ ITP Spring Show 2018