Ella Chung: Creative Technologist, Designer

Soul Drop Immersive Performance

Big Screens Project: Soul Drop


120-foot long screen based performance art created for ITP Big Screens Show
at the IAC building in West Chelsea, NYC.

Experience | Motion Design | Performance



Soul Drop is a screen-based dance/visual performance incorporating digitally-rendered moving media which is displayed on a 120-foot-long screen wall in the IAC Building in West Chelsea, New York. Through the choreography and the visual on the screen, it brings the audience through a journey of life, from coming into existence to forming meaningful connections to the end of life.
The show premiered at 2018 ITP Big Screens Show.


Meet the Team


Brandon Kazen-Maddox

Concept Development, Choreography


Haiyi Huang

Concept Development, Motion Production, Video Rendering


Mohammad Hafiyyandi

Concept Development, Motion Production, Video Rendering


Ella Chung

Concept Development, Film Production, Motion Capture with Unreal


Transforming the Space into Immersive Performance Experience

The 120-foot-long screen in the IAC Building provides us the opportunity to transform the existing environment into an immersive performance space.


Let Ink and Color tell the story

Our visual component of the artwork acts as an integral part of the performance rather than just a backdrop. To fully take advantage of the size of the screen, we create emotional impact and visual contrast, to experiment with large scale visual impact. We are inspired by stunning ink drop film while we are researching in our concept development phase, and felt that its organic quality and temporality match with our concept of showing the ephemerality of life. Hence we narrated Brandon’s Soul Journey story through ink drop with dynamic choreography.


Motion Capture


Big Screens: Soul Drop Performance


Special thanks to

ITP Production Advisor



Motion Capture Advisors

Mimi Yin

Gavin Knittle

Liviya England, Hiroka Nagai

Todd Bryant, Kat Sullivan